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Visiting the Emily Dickinson Exhibit at the Morgan Library Museum

Carina Sitkus

*I originally wrote about my visit in this email, and am reposting here for all you poets out there! This version has more pictures.

This past weekend we braved what was supposed to be a NYC monsoon, but was actually just a rainy day, to schlep to the Morgan Library Museum to see the Emily Dickinson exhibit.

I had done a little investigative work and watched some videos by the ModPo UPenn online class before going. (If you enroll in the class, you can access them. It's free to do so.) The videos talk about the meaning behind a couple of Dickinson's poems. Because many of the poems were published posthumously, her drafts show multiple options for word choice, so the editors (mainly her brother's mistress, Mabel Loomis Todd) used the words they think Dickinson most likely would have picked. 

The only authenticated picture of Dickinson shows her with dark hair. It was actually auburn. This pictures shows a lock of it that she had sent to a friend...

It was amazing to see her handwriting in person, on the paper she actually used to write the poems we know so well today. 

Her handwriting became more spaced out and blocky towards the end of her life. 


I'm nobody: Who are you?

This poem is displayed on a replica of the wallpaper that would have been in her room.

This poem is displayed on a replica of the wallpaper that would have been in her room.

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Emily Dickinson... & What Makes Writing Interesting?

Carina Sitkus

Prompted in part by my finishing Californication via Netflix a few weeks ago, I've been thinking a lot about what makes some writers more interesting than others (ICYMI: I also wrote about whether or not you can be happy and be a writer). The main character in Californication,  Hank Moody, did a lot of drugs, had a lot of sex, woke up in a lot of strange places (you get the idea). But his writing was worth reading. 

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The Curious Cat Project Welcomes Poem Submissions

Carina Sitkus

Submit your poems for publication.

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