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Reflections on Virginia Woolf

Carina Sitkus

Last week was one of those perspective-shifting, drop-everything-and-evaluate-what’s-important kind of weeks. My mother unexpectedly had a heart episode/attack that landed her in the hospital waiting for open heart surgery.  I had visited my parents only the Saturday before so we could all go to a local music festival together and enjoy one of the last nice summer weekends as a family.  The night before she went to the hospital, she had been texting me, and everything was normal.  What they say about how “life happens when you’re busy making other plans” is painfully accurate. A moment is long enough to change anything and everything.  

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Carina Sitkus

The ocean is a place that holds significant memories for both me and my family.

I think of trips to Block Island, Rhode Island-- dried hydrangeas in shop windows and bike rides with views of tall windswept grass leading to cliffs that drop to the ocean. I think of visits to Beavertail in Jamestown, of fun evenings and live music in Newport. Walks along streets lined with homes from the 1700s and decorated in a history that is both real and rooted and invented by my imagination, which is always recreating lives already lived in an effort to make better sense of my own. (History repeats itself, they say.) In the end, it’s all rose-colored and better because the past always is, even when it’s our own.  

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