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Should You Sell or Donate Your Old Books?

Carina Sitkus

It wasn’t easy, but I donated four boxes worth of books. If you’re also cleaning out your house before the holidays, you might be wondering whether or not it’s worth it to sell your books or donate them to a charity. I decided to donate to the Goodwill, but I did some research about how to sell books as well and thought these links might be useful for others. If you don’t have time to watch the full video, I posted the links below.


Better World Books: To donate

BookScouter: Type in the ISBN and it’ll figure out who might want to buy your books Same deal as BookScouter 

Powell’s Books, Inc.: Free shipping to send them your books once you hit their quota 

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The Bitter Taste of Dying

Carina Sitkus

first interviewed Jason Smith after reading his work on There was just something about his writing that made me go, "hmm, this guy's work is going to blow up." Okay, so maybe that's giving me too much credit. I just really liked his piece, "Putting Pen to Paper Does Not Make You a Writer: It Makes You a Primate." But I was right. His work is blowing up:

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Making a Book

Carina Sitkus

Writing a book and making a book, it turns out, are two different things. Before I get into the excuses for why I've been MIA, I'll share what I mean. 

This year my blogging turned into an idea for a book. This was the first year I actually sat my butt down in the chair with regularity and wrote, and blogging was a great way to start that routine. This is also the first year that I made an intentional effort to seek out feedback and connect with other writers, both online and (occasionally) in person. "Becoming a writer" by doing all of these things was the first step, really, in writing the book. Makes sense.  

But here's what doesn't make sense. I've always edited while I wrote. I'm the writer who makes sure the first sentence is THE sentence before moving on to the rest of the story. Editing, I've always thought, is easier than writing. That was until I tried editing my own book. They say cutting stuff out is the hard part, but I struggled with wanting to cut all of it out. I wanted the book to say something new. To provide something new. More honestly, I wanted to read the book and not feel annoyed with myself and with my voice. Pretty low standards, huh?

But seriously, editing was the hardest part of the whole process because it's when you start to think about your reader and what they are going to find interesting. You're also thinking a whole lot about the people who are going to buy the book and run into you in the grocery story a month from now. About your friends and family. Your words are something you want to be proud of. 

Despite my feeling that more editing can always make something better, I'm proud to say I'm proud. This book is something I'm ready to share with you, my writing friends, my colleagues, and my family. 

Here it is, available on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play and Barnes & Noble (although B&N, I'm told, might take longer to get up and running--I couldn't wait until it was up to share the release with you).  

The book shares a bunch of tiny life lessons I've learned in my short 26 years. Because I haven't been here all that long, the book is also short, which you busy people will appreciate. 

If you do happen to buy a copy, many thanks. I'm really excited to know what you think! Take a second to shoot me a note or, if you have 2 more minutes, to leave a review on Amazon. Your support is appreciated.

Also feel free to comment below with your own questions about the writing and editing process-- or maybe you even have your own tip or two to share.

Ok, so now for my excuses. I've been MIA because I recently moved and started a new job. Over the past two weeks I also struggled through some very bad vertigo (for the first time ever), and really didn't know what hit me. I'm looking forward to responding to your #BookforaBook inquiries and meetup applications and getting back into the groove.

As always, stay curious!

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My Summer Reading List: Part II

Carina Sitkus

Before vacation, I shared my summer reading list. The idea was to plug away through the whole thing while I was away.  They say life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. Yup. That’s about right.

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Writers are Readers: My Summer Reading List

Carina Sitkus

This week I go on vacation, which means I get to do a few things, not the least of which is…

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