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The Curious Cat Blog is all about writing, for writers, by a writer.


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100+ Websites Where You Can Find (Free) Stock Images for Your Blog (updated 2.3.16)

Carina Sitkus

This Sunday, the round-up has taken a new form. Instead of listing cool articles and bits of information, I've decided to list places where you can find professional and top-quality stock photos. Every blogger needs 'em, and they can get quite expensive if you don't know where to look! This list is compiled from the suggestions of fellow bloggers and my own top to-gos. 

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PART TWO: Finding Time and Inspiration

Carina Sitkus


Day 2

Today is part two of my five day challenge to find time and inspiration as a writer. As a full-time “something else” who writes after work, I know that finding time and finding inspiration are almost like a game of “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” Sometimes you have the time, but you have no spark and no motivation to write. Sometimes you have a million ideas buzzing inside of your brain with no time to get them down on paper.  Other times, you have no inspiration, so it takes you longer to get any words on the page, which means you exhaust your allotted writing time without producing anything at all. In short, life is easier when you have available to you a healthy dose of both time and inspiration.

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How to Get Your Creative Mojo Back

Carina Sitkus

Yesterday’s blog was all about how important it is to forget your excuses and just write. Or do whatever it is that you have a calling to do. Otherwise you risk never getting down to it at all.

It’s funny, then, that I should come across this quote in this Brain Pickings article about the famous routines of writers.

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