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Your New Year’s Resolutions Are Setting You Up for Failure

Carina Sitkus

This morning I was watching the Kathie Lee & Hoda show (vacation), and they had a segment all about the food you need to eat before you start eating well on New Year’s day. Here’s why it bothered me and why it should bother you: The moment you give yourself permission to put something off, what you’re really telling yourself is that it’s not important.

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When was the Last Time you Looked at Your New Year's Goals?

Carina Sitkus

It's hard to believe that next week we're already in MAY. 

January February March April MAY June July August September October November December............

We're five months in, with just seven more months to go before it's time to make our New Year's Resolutions... again.

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My Goals for 2015

Carina Sitkus

It's important to write down your goals. Taking the next step and making them public holds you even more accountable, which is why I'm posting mine as a blog. 

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