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If I Could Give a Commencement Speech

Carina Sitkus

I'll be honest. The idea for this blog came to me after watching this commencement speech from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's "Charlie."  'Tis the season for graduation, after all.

He talks about how important it is to enter the space you love-- for him, writing and acting-- and failing there if you're going to fail anywhere. 

What advice would you give the recent grad? 

Here is mine by way of list:

1. Clearly this list has it's priorities straight. Get a pet. Yours truly has a Curious Cat named Louie. True happiness (and hours of entertainment) comes in furry packages. 

2. Do what "Charlie" said and do what you love, but don't be afraid to try something new, and certainly don't shy away from the hard work that comes with what you deem to be a "day job." Work can feel like work and still be something that you love doing. If it isn't, it won't hurt you to do it, anyway. Most people find what they love by doing what they hate. Wait, what?

3. Keep it moving. It's ok to indulge in a night of Netflix once in awhile, but get going and get out there. Even for the solid introvert, it's important to stay connected and keep it moving. It is 110% true that your next connection is your next job. 

4. No one has it figured out. Whether you are 25, 50, or 85, no one really knows why they are here or what they're supposed to be doing. Do what makes the world a better place. Do what makes you your best self, and never stop striving for more. Never stop listening to the tiny voice inside that says you're on to something or that you have a right to question what is considered the norm. That's about all you can do.

5. Don't forget to spend some time by yourself. If you don't know why, you just need to do it. 

Congrats to the grads in your life!  

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