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30 Days of Reading Challenge

Carina Sitkus

At work, we hold creative coffee meetings once a month where we get together and discuss design, writing, and other projects related to —  you guessed it —  creativity! (At this meeting we also eat bagels.) 

This month, we’re doing the 30 day challenge as a team. Well, we’re picking our own 30 day challenge and reporting back what happens. Habits are built by doing something repeatedly over time, so the idea is to just jump right in and start doing, and eventually 30 days becomes 60 days and then before you know it you are closer to a goal…or at least a better, more productive person than before you started. 

I already read a lot — if I had to give up everything but one thing, reading would be my one thing — but I’m not great at forcing myself to read things I wouldn’t ordinarily read. One of my goals for 2016 also happens to be to get published in a literary journal, so I’ve decided to make a conscious commitment to read more literary journals. 

Here’s my 30-day challenge to myself:

Read one short story/poem/piece — preferably from a literary magazine — per day, for 30 days.


I recently received a free copy of Flash in the Attic, so that’s on my list. I will also be reading the spring issue of The Gettysburg Review and possibly some short stories from the 2011 edition of The Best American Short Stories. Hippocampus Magazine and Ploughshares are also on my list. Any other recommendations?

I'll be sure to follow-up and let you know how it's going. If you'd like to join, let me know. Maybe we can set up a Facebook group or something. 

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