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3AM Thoughts

Carina Sitkus

One morning this week I woke up at 3AM and started to scribble down ideas from the fog. Ideas from and in the fog always seem so brilliant. They don't always make sense when you wake up, that's the only problem. I seem to always have these bursts of thought when I should be sleeping, thanks no doubt to the way our brains are wired

Here's what was on my mind at 3AM on Wednesday:

  • Are blogs headed shorter or longer? I've seen more long-form essays, and my suspicion is people are tired of listicles and craving some substance. Fashion cycles through. Jean jackets are back from the 90s...perhaps real journalism, too? 
  • Then I thought, how cool would a blog called "3AM thoughts" be?? Smatterings of thought and feeling, middle of the night musings as the sole source of content. What could be boring about that?
  • is changing. I'm worried more crap is making its way there. On the flip side, the quality of some of the fiction that's cropping up makes me think that's the new bubble that's going to explode on there. (Submit your fiction to meee!)
  • Jeff Goins. Go away Jeff Goins. Kidding, kidding. (Really, I thought this.)
  • I started to wake up for good at this point and considered just getting out of bed to write, but scribbled down these thoughts instead via iPad. I’ve become obsessed with the idea of recording progression of thought. One of my last posts talked about my coming to plot moment…is public reflection too self-important? Probably, but not any worse than having any kind of social media presence. I’d imagine recording progression of thought can help other writers, so it's not just self-serving. If you can record your growth, you can help others learn, too.

Until the next 3am. Not all of my 3AM thoughts are this involved. Most of the time I just have to pee...

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