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The Curious Cat Blog is all about writing, for writers, by a writer.


Early Morning

Carina Sitkus

I sprang out of bed this morning at 4:58AM. My brain was already on fire. Last night I started the movie Hemingway & Gellhorn, and I'm feeling reinvigorated after watching Clive Owen, who plays Hemingway, stand at a dresser and tap away at a typewriter. Thank God fingers don't need breathing breaks. I wonder if that's how fast the real Hemingway worked when the words came. If so, I'm jealous. Even when my brain's on fire, my fingers move slow. And press backspace. A lot. 

There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
— Hemingway

Even so, writing is easy enough when the ideas are coming. The 99% of the time when they're not, it's torture. I'm thankful for this morning. The alarm jolted my mind into action, like a defibrillator sparking a heart, or a cable jumping a car. It sounded a little like this in there, with the thoughts buzzing and bouncing:

  1. You haven't blogged in awhile, Carina, get downstairs and get to work. (I literally jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to turn on the computer without bothering to fix the bed, check the phone, or turn on any lights. I didn't even pet the cat. Motivation fades fast.)
  2. You need to get the other writing done so you can get back to writing the book. One day you'll regret not moving faster. Especially if you get on a roll and it's too late to get it all down. 
  3. Is it better to write about your thoughts, or is it better to dole out writing advice? Don't sound preachy. Stop sounding preachy. Whatever you do, stop preaching
  4. You need to create a square logo for The Curious Cat Project. 
  5. You need to crank out that new idea for Hello Giggles.
  6. You need to catch up on the editor emails for the Writing Cooperative.
  7. You need to go grocery shopping (At this point, my mind wandered to all the life tasks I needed to check off my list. Get passport. Roll over my 401K. Buy a birthday present for mom. To summarize, this happened.)

It's only 5:25 now, and I'm finishing what will most likely be my first of two cups of coffee before work. I'm happy because I'm writing, and I'm happy because I actually woke up early to do it. 

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