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New Collection of Writings About Writing

Carina Sitkus

I've written about my love of Medium before. In many ways, writing on Medium was the reason I was able to publish a book. What I love most about the site, though, is how easy it is to connect with other writers and curate content. I initially thought about publishing pieces that were edited as part of our writing meetup here as a way of helping our group members get more exposure and to share their final products. But the blog format doesn't really lend itself well to creative pieces like fiction and poetry. That's why I started a new publication devoted to publishing other writers' work. 

It's called...

I'm already super excited at the quality of the submissions. I've included a list of some of the pieces below. Check out and follow the whole publication here. If you're interested in getting on Medium and submitting your own content, email and I'll add you as a writer. 

Published pieces:

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