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If you Done it, it Ain't Bragging

Carina Sitkus

Have you ever heard this quote? 

When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you.
— Walter Payton

I've always liked it. BUT, there is something to be said for a little self-promotion. The most successful people are usually the best self-promoters. It's easy to get frustrated when the "talkers" get ahead of the "doers," but if you're smart, you know you need to get in that game. If you don't talk about your work at all, no one is going to read it (at all). 

Walt Whitman (whose birthday was yesterday) said,

Don't be afraid to tell your friends and family what you're working on. Don't awkwardly force the subject on people, but don't be afraid to talk. 

Blog for other writers. Join a writing group. Head to a conference or jump on Twitter. Introduce yourself to one of your favorite writers. You can't get what you don't ask for, and you can't ask people for things until you get to know them. Get feedback so you can grow. 

All of these things help you hone your craft while getting your name out there. Hustle. Work hard. Don't wait for opportunities to come to you.

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