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How I Became a HelloGiggles Contributor

Carina Sitkus

Life is busy this month-- I'm moving, starting a new job, editing my book, and trying to keep up with my other writing/blogging at the same time. It's powerful to write about huge life events as they're happening, but it's usually during times like these that we don't find the time to write. I'm hoping to make the time. Things always look clearer and easier when you look back on them, so it's nice to capture the reality of (and in) the moment. 

Anyway, I was recently invited to become a contributor to HelloGiggles-- if you haven't heard of the site, check it out. It was co-founded by actress Zooey Deschanel. You can learn more about how to become a contributor here

I sent them my bio and a few articles that I published on Medium (along with my stats), and they requested that I send along a few pitches. Once you get an article (what they call "From Our Readers" pieces) under your belt, you have a better shot at being invited to be a contributor. Be prepared to hustle. And pitch. A lot. Don't get discouraged-- it took a lot of rejections to get the feel for the kind of pieces they're looking for. What helped me was also asking if they needed extra capacity covering a specific topic. 

I'll post my article when it goes live (teaser: it's about inventions I wish would happen already). 

Updated 12/23/15: 

Check out some of my published pieces below:

Are you a contributor to any blogs you think the Curious Cat Project community should know about? Share in the comments. And wish me luck with the move... I need it! ;)

The curious cat is looking forward to his new digs... although he seems to like piles of mess just fine.

The curious cat is looking forward to his new digs... although he seems to like piles of mess just fine.

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