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4 Don'ts to Avoid Boring Your Reader

Carina Sitkus

We've all been there. You come home after a really long day and plop at your computer to put in the time, say "I did," and check the to-do off your list. I'm here to tell you that you might be boring your readers.

Here are some "don'ts" based on ways I myself have gotten it wrong in the past:

  1. Don't post a blog just because it's time to post one, especially if it's uninspired. No one will enjoy it and no one will share it. What a waste of everyone's time. 
  2. Don't write about something that's been written about a thousand times before...unless, of course, it's something people want to read and you've made it just unique enough to pass off as something new. There's a fine line between giving the people what they want and boring them to death with recitation. 
  3. Don't write something without including the meat. The sparks that keep the reader interested are the everything. Tell a story. Make your narrative poetic. Don't take for granted the power of words by overusing them in all the wrong combinations just because you're lazy. 
  4. Don't make your blogs too long (but don't make your books too short). You will either bore or disappoint your reader. People generally only read 20-28% of a post, so get to the point fast. If your blog is on the longer side, make sure it's filled with vital content, and utilize formatting to keep your reader's eye moving along.  

Do you have any other don'ts that keep you from boring your readers?

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