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Sunday "Read These" Round-up: September 7, 2014

Carina Sitkus

This week, I bring to you a hodge podge of all the useful sites and reads I’ve compiled from a variety of different sources. There are more (email me if you want them), but these are the MUST-READs:

  • This guide for where to find awesome free stock photos (this is going to change my life).

  • This poem.

  • This pinterest board of bookstores, bookstores and more bookstores. Drool.

  • This fascinating article about authors who are donating pieces of work to a literary “time capsule” that will only be read a century from now.

  • This piece about how Flickr now warehouses images from over 129 million books - some written centuries and centuries ago. All of the images are up for grabs.

  • My profile piece about my grandmother, which not only documented an amazing story, but also eerily foreshadowed today’s tragedies taking place in Ukraine.

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