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Go Away, Writer's Block

Carina Sitkus

Writer’s block. God, it sucks.

It’s like trying to get from Point A to Point B without a car, map, or pair of sunglasses. Gasoline. A snack. You know where you want to go and have no way of getting there. Or the motivation to get there.

That was me this week. I got some disappointing news. Things were busy, etc., etc. There is always some excuse for not writing when you need one. Now, some impromptu (for me, anyway) plans have me traveling over the weekend, which means my Friday and Saturday writing time is now gone.

What do YOU do when this happens?

I ask because I myself could use some advice. I’ve written about getting motivated. I’ve written about staying productive. You know what they (or I? parents?) say… “Do as I say, not as I do.” Folks, I’m struggling this week. I can't seem to take even my own advice.

If I didn’t think a blog like this could be useful to someone else, I wouldn’t post it. The reality is that most people are afraid of talking about their mistakes or failures (I really recommend you read this interview with author Jessica Bacal, who is an expert on this). I think talking about the things that make you struggle makes you stronger-- and makes other people stronger, too.

So help us all out, you Curious Cat.

Leave some comments about how you get past writer’s block. I, for one, could use your help!


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