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A Writer in Motion Stays in Motion

Carina Sitkus

Productivity is a human fascination. This guy spent a year of his life researching and learning everything he could about productivity so we, the reader, could unproductively spend our time reading about it.  

And now I’m trapping you in the same way.

My biggest productivity secret as a writer-- as a human--is simply this: Don’t stop moving and don’t worry about what comes next.

Think about it.

The most productive days all look kind of the same, even though the sprinkling of activities changes. The productive weekend is a good example. Let’s pick a Sunday. Picture the kind of Sunday where you wake up early, get stuff done, get out of the house before 10:00, run errands, do something fun, glance at the clock and think “huh, it’s still early,” do laundry, hop on the laptop to get a little work done, grab dinner with a friend…you got it. It’s visualized. Feel it.

The productive day feels great. It feels relaxing. It feels effortless.

It’s because you’re not thinking about what’s coming next. You’re just doing, and feeling good about what you’re doing, so you keep doing. And doing.

Now take the opposite.  You wake up late, read from bed until noon, clean out your closet, think about taking a shower but turn on the TV instead, and before you know it, it’s 3 in the afternoon and you think, “we’ll what’s the point in getting to the gym now... I’ll just go tomorrow.”

That don’t feel so good.

Productivity is simple, but don’t confuse simple with easy. We already agree that when you’re in the process of being productive you feel like you can juggle just about anything.  

It’s getting past the inertia that's the hard part.

An object in motion stays in motion... The rich get richer. Power begets power. And yes-- productivity leads to more productivity. You just have to get moving to begin with. You’ll be surprised to find a few more hours in your day when you do.  

I’ve written a lot about how to find the time and inspiration to write, but I’m also fascinated with what gets and keeps people moving-- whether it’s in a writing career, an athletic pursuit, attaining degrees, whatever it is. I admire people who keep it movin’.

Let’s be clear, though. I’m all about having a Netflix day every once in awhile.

As we move into the Fourth of July weekend, I challenge you to keep it moving before you lose that momentum. Keep up your routine, and you'll find that not only are you able to get more work done-- you're also able to make more time for relaxing. 

After the long weekend I will also post my summer reading list just in case you need some inspiration to get you moving again. 

Enjoy the festivities!

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