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The Curious Cat Blog is all about writing, for writers, by a writer.


From my Diary

Carina Sitkus

I wrote a blog about Mortified (from Netflix), and made a deal that if they retweeted it, I would post from my own embarrassing diary. They retweeted it.

This has very little to do with writing, except for the fact that you write in diaries, so feel free to skip this post if it is writing advice/inspiration that you seek.

Alright, let’s just get down to business. I’m going to be a little bit of a coward and skip the middle school entries and go back to good old 1995 (and my Lisa Frank diary).


That’s the first page. It says:

Favorite color: purple

Favorite food: Fruit

Favorite song: I love you always forever

Favorite group: Michal Jackson (Yup, that’s not a group, but at least I had taste).

Favorite cartoon: Bobbys world

Favorite movie: Everything

Favorite sport: Base ball

Favorite game: Duck Duck goose

Favorite subject: Sience (Good thing I didn’t say spelling).

Favorite pastime: Write storys

Favorite animal: cats


Alright, so my favorite animal was a cat. I’m sensing a theme about my life here.

This entry is from November 2, 1995. All misspellings are the fault of my seven-year-old self.


Dear Diary,

I had a rash today plus I had to take my cat to the vet. He had tumers in his ears. His name is Smokey. Smokey the cat scratched his tumer. A big one! That’s why Smokey went to the vet. I got a pet coloring book from the vet. It told about animals. Why does he have tumers?


Alright, just a few more.


November 3, 1995

One time I got my ears pierced in August. I had to leave the earings in. I took them out and put new earings in! I was happy! Do I have to get them pierced again?


November 13, 1995

Today my dad went away on a busnis trip. He went to two places in one day/night.


October 6

Today my mom


And that’s how it ends. We already established that I was a very busy seven-year-old when I said I had to take my cat to the vet even though I myself was not feeling well that day.  I probably got pulled away from writing in my diary to address another important matter. Like drinking juice or something.

Looking back at these was a lot of fun. My other journals go up until high school. In college, I also started to keep a running record of daily activities, although I stopped being so embarrassing and kept the personal thoughts under wraps.

Where do you go when you want to reminisce? Where do you keep your most personal thoughts? A diary? Facebook? Something else? It’s sad to think that the diary-- the art of writing to remember-- might be dying. Very few people post their innermost private thoughts online, but that is the most authentic part of who we are. How our real life is defined. I suppose most people are remembered for their actions and relationships-- not their thoughts-- but will we someday be remembered through our Facebook and Twitter profiles? They already have things like You can already stream pictures via sites like Flickr. 

Someday you will probably be able to look at a whole person’s life online on some social profile-- from birth to death-- which kind of creeps me out. It’s especially interesting to think about how the perception of someone’s profile can potentially define his or her whole life. Will Facebook invent streaming timelines that can be displayed at your funeral on a big screen TV, kind of like a looping PowerPoint? I can’t say I’d be very surprised.

Seriously interested in what you think. Comment, you curious cats!

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