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How to Find Time, Not Pennies, In Your Pocket

Carina Sitkus

I mention nothing about a pocket in this blog. I just liked that title.

I mention nothing about a pocket in this blog. I just liked that title.

I wrote a post a few days ago about the importance of just doing, of just writing and forgetting perfectionism. If not perfectionism, at least not thinking perfection is possible every time you put words on a page. 

It may hurt to go back and read something you wrote days, weeks, or even months ago when you realize you made an inadvertent spelling or grammar mistake. You're probably cringing right now just thinking about it. It happens. But sometimes it turns out that something you wrote in two minutes turns out to be the most beautiful thing you've ever written. The most honest and uncensored thing you've written. It's hard to find the secret formula for what produces your best writing.

This post, however, is about finding the time to write. As I write this, I'm at a place with no wireless connection, typing from my phone into the body of an email... to myself. I'm waiting for some of my colleagues to arrive for a work-related get-together. Once I'm home, I'll pull up this email and copy and paste it into a word doc, which will then get edited and published to my blog, but not before it gets edited one last time and formatted with bolding, pictures, what-have-you.

Occasionally-- not today-- I also write what I call snippets and nuggets of thoughts on random pieces of paper. In the Color Note pad in my phone. In the subject lines of emails to myself if I have a super quick thought.

Ultimately, I try to stay organized by taking any notes I've made that day... anywhere between 0 to 20 depending on my level of inspiration... and putting them in a central Google doc that then feeds the material for my next blog.

The one thing I've learned about myself... and this may not be the case for you... is that if I write in a notebook, I never come back to the ideas unless I "sticky note" the good ones so they stick out. Sometimes I wonder why I even "sticky noted" an idea at all after I've let it sit for awhile. There's something energizing about going back to these notes, though. I can empathize with the writer who needs certain ideas written on physical paper. Just be careful you take time to come back to the important ones.

In short, I write throughout the day when I have an idea, which often saves me the time of staring at a blank computer screen later in the day. That's not to say that I have the chance at work to write for even a five minute chunk of time. I don't. I merely jot down ideas that I know will help me come back to my thoughts later. 

How do you write? How do you make time for writing?

Either send your comments my way below or email and tell me. I'd love to hear from you. I may even put your tips on the writing resources page so everyone can come back to them later. That's what it's there for!

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