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PART TWO: Finding Time and Inspiration

Carina Sitkus


Day 2

Today is part two of my five day challenge to find time and inspiration as a writer. As a full-time “something else” who writes after work, I know that finding time and finding inspiration are almost like a game of “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” Sometimes you have the time, but you have no spark and no motivation to write. Sometimes you have a million ideas buzzing inside of your brain with no time to get them down on paper.  Other times, you have no inspiration, so it takes you longer to get any words on the page, which means you exhaust your allotted writing time without producing anything at all. In short, life is easier when you have available to you a healthy dose of both time and inspiration.

Today’s effort to find time:

Today I will likely hop back on the computer to get some work-related work done after I post my blog for the day.  However, today my effort to find time came in the form of writing directly “after work” without taking a break.  This definitely allowed me to focus on other more pressing things related to my job without adding to my guilt about not writing. For the other full time “something-elses” out there, I definitely recommend plugging through directly after work. The second you flick on the TV or go to the gym, you are much less likely to get your writing done for the day. Hey! I guess I stole that tip from my routine writer friends.

The one thing I have been awful about, however, is finding time to write content that isn’t related to my blog. I’ve been wondering a lot lately about how other bloggers find the time to maintain their posting while also navigating other creative pursuits like writing poetry or fiction.

I have fun writing about writing, but at some point I am going to need to find time to write what I’m writing about, and I’m struggling.

Today’s overall grade for finding time: C.

I’m grading myself higher than yesterday’s D- simply because I am going to make it count as my effort to get inspired. #Cheater.

Today’s effort to get inspired:

I gave myself a C instead of a D-.

Today’s overall grade for finding inspiration: F.

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