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Find Time and Inspiration: My 5-day Challenge

Carina Sitkus

A little while back, I posted my tips for how to find more time to write. For the full-time “something elses” out there, for writers with families, or even for writers who simply have a lot on their plate, this can feel next to impossible. But the bigger question is, what if you’re simultaneously fighting a battle to find time AND inspiration?  

I’m having one of those weeks, so I thought I might document my journey for you (this is where my head is at anyway, so I thought I would take my own advice and be honest). If anything else, you’ll feel like you’re not alone in your brain feeling explosively like it’s housing a hamster on a hamster wheel. I’m not quite sure how that would make your brain explode, but I know for sure that having your to-do list on repeat inside your head could-- and that’s what the analogy is meant to describe.

In an effort to show you that you’re not alone, every day from now until Friday I will document how I found time AND inspiration to write during one of my busiest working weeks as a full-time “something else.”

When you're pulled in a million different directions, how do YOU find time and inspiration?

When you're pulled in a million different directions, how do YOU find time and inspiration?


Day 1

I keep a list of all my blog ideas in a google doc so that I never run out of things to write. After I’m done drafting the blog and it has been successfully published, I delete it from the google doc to keep the list fresh. I simply skim the list anytime I want to post and pick what I most feel like writing in that moment.

The only problem with this system is that sometimes I skim the list and feel like writing none of what is listed. Other times, I tackle two or three items on my list at a time, and instead of saving them to post every other day, I post them as soon as I write them (I get excited to share RIGHT away).

I did that this past weekend and regret it because this is one of the busiest weeks for me at work. My brain is definitely going to look worse than this after the next two weeks. Not only am I not feeling inspired by my “blog to-do list,” I’m feeling overwhelmed by my list of “tweaking to-dos.” For example, I want to go through all of my old blog posts and write a mini-description for each one so that readers don’t have to scroll through a history of full-length articles just to find what they want to read. I simply can't find the time to get it done!

Today’s effort to find time:

I thought I could get to it all after work today by multitasking. Long story short, I tried using the speech recognition software on my phone to draft a blog while I was driving. Don’t try this. You will get pulled over (I didn’t, but I saw three cops along the way, and I can definitely imagine it happening). Plus, if you’re like me, you write for a reason. It’s because you SUCK at SAYING what you mean and need time to think of the best words you can use to convey your thoughts. I used exactly none of what I drafted via voice.

Today’s overall grade for finding time: D-

I failed at my attempt to blog and drive, but I definitely muli-tasked during dinner time and finished a blog when I was tempted to write nothing at all for the day.

Today’s effort to get inspired:

I looked through the names of people who like The Curious Cat facebook page to see how many of them I didn’t know. In my mind, this is the equivalent of someone writing a book and seeing someone they don’t know reading it in a coffee shop. It’s simply cool to know that not only your loved ones are reading your stuff!

Today’s overall grade for finding inspiration: D.

I definitely have more work to do via social media, but I’m getting there. I gave myself a D instead of a D- or F because I was able to turn apathy into a 5 day idea for a post.

What do you think… did I make the grade?

Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow.

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