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Sunday "Read These" Round-up

Carina Sitkus

Sunday is a time of weekly reflection, or so they say.

I tend to agree; therefore, I’m bringing you a roundup of interesting reads, courtesy of my personal Pocket.

I have an upcoming post that is all about how I organize my reading material. In the meantime, enjoy the end-product without worrying about the process.

  1.  Make time- A post all about how what you do outside of work matters to not just you, but the fulfillment of your own personal goals.
  2. 15 Coffee Mugs That Will Make Your Mornings a Whole Lot Better- Definitely a Monday morning read.
  3. The Daily Routines of Famous Writers- Brain Pickings never gets old.
  4. Poem of the Day: Dirty Face- I definitely recommend subscribing to the Poetry Foundation’s Poem of the Day blast. For the full-time “something elses,” this is a great way to connect with your writing self in the morning or at lunch instead of waiting until the end of the day to say “hello.”
  5. Do you have the right personality for your career?- Don’t.. judge...the plug.

Have a great week, you Curious Cat!

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