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The Internet World Holds Too Many Blogs and Not Enough Possibility

Carina Sitkus

I’ve lately become overwhelmed by the blogosphere. It’s like how you never notice something until that something enters your life in some way. Like your lawn mower breaks and then you just happen to see ads for lawn mower sales all over the place. Those sales were always happening, you just tuned them out as white noise until you actually needed a lawn mower.  I lately feel the same way about blogs. I knew they existed before I started blogging, but I never realized how many bloggers were just plugging and chugging away… and largely all writing about the same things.

It’s true: no two blogs are the same if they are written by two different people. My combination of words may say the same thing as your combination of words, but they are still two different combinations with two different “feels.” It all depends on which one makes you feel fuzzier. Like whether or not you’re a Star Trek or Star Wars fan. Or both. Now don’t freak geek out on me-- I know they’re not the same thing. I'm just saying. 



I started The Curious Cat Project to connect full-time “something else” writers, and I still think that’s a fairly unique concept-- at least in the online space where every blogger is pitching you “5 ways to quit your job and freelance full-time” or some crap like that. I will share my thoughts about the fallacy of freelance fulfillment in some other post. Some of us don’t WANT to quit our jobs. We like them. And we want it all. Who doesn’t?

But if I see one more article that gives me 3 ways I can take a tech break and lead a happier life, or 10 ways to simultaneously be both selfless&giving and a selfish 20-something twit twitterer who just HAS to go on that trip to Bali because I deserve it, I might just lay an egg. As readers, we fall for this crap all the time, loving and following contradictory advice just because we read it somewhere on a cool looking blog in list form.

I’ve written a few lists in my day. There’s nothing really wrong with them. They’re fun to read and they’re easy to write. But phew, after reading all the blogs I’ve subscribed to over the past few weeks, and all the tweets that flash on my screen, I need my own dose of “unplug today” blog articles just to stop my mind from buzzing with the overload of blogs!

Anyone feel the same way? How do you move past information overload so you can “focus on the few”? On quality?  

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