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The Curious Cat Blog is all about writing, for writers, by a writer.


Discover Your Writing Personality

Carina Sitkus

What kind of writing “personality” do you have?

"The Planner”

This writer has to outline, write, edit, and edit some more. You can bet that this writer’s character and plot development are spot-on because he planned it to be so from the very first line. He believes that the very first sentence is never the best sentence, and that good writing requires hard work.

Famous “Planner”: J.K. Rowling

The “Simmer and Plop”

This writer is a productive procrastinator.  She may look like she has better things to do than write because you will see her doing everything but: cleaning the closet (for the fifth time in one day); flossing her teeth; brushing the lawn; picking the pebbles from the carpet; painting the cat’s claws; everything except sitting down to type.

The “Simmer and Plop” writer has a long simmering period, but you better bet on her getting down to business when the time is right. During the simmering period she is getting ready to boil. The ideas are developing with every minute her mind has to wander, and the second she sits down to write, the words are there: plop! on the page.

Famous “Simmer and Plop”-per: These later-in-life authors

The “Routine” Writer

This writer is productive, period. He can work 16 hours a day at a job other than writing and sit down at the exact same time every night and get. it. done.  He believes in setting daily goals, whether it’s sitting down for exactly an hour, stopping when time is up regardless of product, or plugging along until a certain amount of words is written.

The “Routine” Writer goes crazy when something throws a wrench in the daily schedule. He is motivated by process and feels separated-from-self when the writing just isn’t happening.

Famous “Routine” Writer: Stephen King

What kind of writer are you?

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