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Joining a Literary Community

Carina Sitkus

Leave me alone. Come back when I'm feeling curious.

Leave me alone. Come back when I'm feeling curious.

A year or two ago, I asked a work contact with ties to the literary community to help me get connected with other writers. He connected me with a poet who took me to my very first reading. I left feeling so inspired and connected--if I could have just bottled up that moment! To this day, I credit that one night with helping me to finally get writing and call myself a writer. Something just clicked. I realized it felt better to just dive in--at the risk of making mistakes-- than to worry about starting (and never do it). 

Months later  I started the Curious Cat Project to help other writers connect in the same way I did that night. To help them feel like they are part of a smaller community that is welcoming and navigable. Up until the night I went to the reading, I felt clueless and didn't really know where to start. Meeting just a few other creative people made my writing aspirations seem more tangible and attainable. 


Online, there are tons of great resources for writers to connect, get feedback, get published, you name it. The problem is, there is just too much to sift through. FOMO is a real thing, folks. And it happens to writers, especially when that writer is looking for information online. Is this really the best writing group? Is this advice I can trust? There are so many questions you can ask.

There really are some great sites out there for writers who want to sift through lots of information and get connected with a larger network. I’ll name some, here, just to get you started if you’re looking for that type of resource. Scribophile has both a free and premium account designed to help writers get good feedback, along with articles and discussion forums about writing. Figment has resources for readers and writers, along with writers’ contests and quizzes. is another. You can find all of these just by Googling “online writer’s community.” I could take a year off from my job to research the best online writing groups like this guy did to research productivity life hacks. You really could take that long to sift through what’s out there. It’s just so (and too) much.

The goal of The Curious Cat Project is not to compete with these other resources, but to create the atmosphere that the writer (you) needs to get his or her head in the game. Like your local coffee/book shop. Cozy. Welcoming. Everything from the simple design of the website to the structure of the meet-ups is meant to foster clarity and focus-- not distraction and stress. Um, and it's free. 

Take a second and mentally check off how many of the below statements describe you:

  1. I’d love to get to some local poetry readings or writing workshops, but I have a packed schedule and can’t always get to events in-person. I have trouble just finding enough time to write let alone get feedback on what I’m writing.
  2. I feel overwhelmed by the thought of showing my writing to people I don’t know.
  3. I think I’m writing some pretty great stuff, but also feel intimidated by joining an in-person workshop.
  4. I need a (friendly) kick in the butt to get writing.

I’ve been there, I AM THERE, which is why I’d really like to get together a few small online meet-ups that allow writers to safely share their pieces and get feedback without the fear of their work getting judged, stolen or lost in the shuffle.

You can request an application here, no commitment required. Your name will simply be added to a list so you can stay in the loop and receive more information about an upcoming meet-up.

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