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The Curious Cat Blog is all about writing, for writers, by a writer.


Don't Put Writing Off Until Tomorrow

Carina Sitkus

I read a blog by Redfin CEO and Linkedin Influencer Glenn Kelman about how young people spend too much time trying to find a calling and not enough time just doing. The happiest people, he says, are those who have both a calling and a craft.


Writers have multiple callings. We’re not recluses (or want to be but can’t). We’re not cat ladies or drunken Ernest Hemingways. Or at least not most of the time (for godsakes, this site is named after my cat... hypocrite!).

We’re the New York Times reporter who works words and does stories. The plant scientist who writes children’s books. The teacher who leads a fantastical sci fi life on the weekends. We’re also the full-time whatever who crawls into bed without having written a word after working a full day. The writer who just can’t get past perfect and waits to publish every piece he’s written until he never publishes at all.

If you’re like me, a piece of you can be found in all of these writers.

In the end, we may be many things and have many passions, but writing is both our calling and our craft. We have to do both to be happy. Just write. Allow yourself one last edit and just "do." Publish in whatever corner your writing calls home, even if it’s in a private journal or an unshared google doc.  

You’d be surprised what will pop on that page. You might even find your voice there.

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