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The Curious Cat Project Welcomes Poem Submissions

Carina Sitkus

In My Weekend Coffee



your death stays with me,

in my weekend coffee,

stirred with cream.

In my daily banter with coworkers,

my assorted binges,

along for the ride.


Maybe I am weak,

maybe I am weaker than most.

But, but I can’t forget the way you welcomed me into your home

and kissed my cheek.


I can’t forget that you were family.

Part of who I am.

Part of who I am every day.


And you are gone,

which means I will be gone, too.


I will be a stone.


For reference, for entertainment,

for trivia on a stroll past the graveyard,

a glimpse into history,

as the living dream about being

below ground,

loved, and KNOWN,

something rare.


A lingering casualty.


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